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Vaginal repair with mesh versus colporrhaphy for prolapse: a randomised controlled trial
  • T. Poulose, A. Saha
  • Medicine
  • BJOG : an international journal of obstetrics and…
  • 1 February 2010
A larger homogeneous study population, preferably in the multicentre setting, is recommended for future studies on the optimum surgery for vaginal prolapse and the results of future evaluations should ideally be stratified by operator experience. Expand
Probability of early pregnancy loss in women with vaginal bleeding and a singleton live fetus at ultrasound scan
A large multi-centre study should be undertaken to define precisely the risk miscarriage for each gestational week according to a range of clinical and ultrasound characteristics, which can be used to guide women with a live fetus about the chance of miscarriage after an episode of vaginal bleeding. Expand
Unrecognised 180ˆ torsion of a pregnant uterus
Although the patient presented very late for any further prenatal evaluation, fortunately there was no sonographic evidence of cardiac failure or anaemia and the prenatal diagnosis of hepatic haemangioma, made the delivery plans and postnatal management vigilant. Expand
Unrecognised 180 degree torsion of a pregnant uterus.
Familial exencephaly – anencephaly sequence and translocation
et al. 2001). Other reports indicate that fetal ultrasound and fetal MR scanning may also fail to distinguish haemorrhage from tumour (Shimamura et al. 2003). Both CT and MR imaging do, however,Expand
Occult acute uterine inversion
Successful perinatal outcome following recurrent idiopathic cerebrovascular strokes in pregnancy: a case report and comparison to brain death are described. Expand
Worsening of menopausal flushes after prophylactic oophorectomy
In conclusion, an atypical history in an adolescent with longstanding urinary incontinence may reflect an underlying congenital sphincter abnormality and the best mode of delivery for this patient would be by caesarean section. Expand