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Worldwide variations in artificial skyglow
Despite constituting a widespread and significant environmental change, understanding of artificial nighttime skyglow is extremely limited. Until now, published monitoring studies have been local orExpand
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Corrigendum: Worldwide variations in artificial skyglow
Scientific Reports 5: Article number: 840910.1038/srep08409; published online: February122015; updated: August052015. This Article contains an error in the affiliation of Claudia Hesse. TheExpand
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Hegel's Criticism of Newton's Physics: A Reconsideration"
The persisting conception of Hegel's criticism of Newton's physics as an irrational or at least hopelessly exaggerated one partly has its roots mainly in Hegel's terminology and in his style. ThisExpand
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Anton Pilgram - Mitbegrneuzeitlicher wissenschaftlicher Meteorologie?
During the three decades following the foundation of the first University Observatory in Vienna, Anton Pilgram (1730-92) worked as astronomer, meteorologist and author of a book on chronology. TheExpand