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Theoretical and numerical combustion
Boundary conditions for direct simulations of compressible viscous flows
Abstract Procedures to define boundary conditions for Navier-Stokes equations are discussed. A new formulation using characteristic wave relations through boundaries is derived for the EulerExpand
A thickened flame model for large eddy simulations of turbulent premixed combustion
A subgrid scale model for large eddy simulations of turbulent premixed combustion is developed and validated. The approach is based on the concept of artificially thickened flames, keeping constantExpand
Flame Stretch and the Balance Equation for the Flame Area
Abstract When a flame propagates in a nonuniform flow it experiences strain and curvature effects. The fractional rate of change of the flame area constitutes the flame stretch. This quantity isExpand
Stretching and quenching of flamelets in premixed turbulent combustion
Abstract The stretch rate of flamelets in premixed turbulent combustion is computed using (1) detailed numerical simulations of vortex-flame interactions and (2) a model for intermittent turbulenceExpand
Acoustic modes in combustors with complex impedances and multidimensional active flames
two approaches for solving the corresponding nonlinear eigenvalue problem are proposed. The first one is based on an asymptotic expansion of the solution, the baseline being the acoustic modes andExpand
Compressible large eddy simulation of turbulent combustion in complex geometry on unstructured meshes
Large-eddy simulations (LESs) of an industrial gas turbine burner are carried out for both nonreacting and reacting flow using a compressible unstructured solver. Results are compared withExpand
Numerical methods for unsteady compressible multi-component reacting flows on fixed and moving grids
Deriving high precision schemes to compute turbulent flows on fixed or moving complex grids is becoming a central issue in the direct numerical simulation (DNS) and large eddy simulation (LES)Expand
Direct simulation and modeling of flame-wall interaction for premixed turbulent combustion☆
Abstract The interaction between turbulent premixed flames and walls is studied using a two-dimensional full Navier-Stokes solver with simple chemistry. The effects of wall distance on the local andExpand
A review of active control of combustion instabilities
Abstract Combustion instabilities in modern high-performance propulsion systems are often manifested as large amplitude pressure oscillations and can result in serious performance degradation. TheseExpand