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Tropical Forest Bryophytes
The tropical forests were known for a long period simply as an inexhaustible El Dorado of new bryophyte species and we did not know much about their ecology. Even in the 1950s Richards (1954), aExpand
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World checklist of hornworts and liverworts
Abstract A working checklist of accepted taxa worldwide is vital in achieving the goal of developing an online flora of all known plants by 2020 as part of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.Expand
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Overview of Aphanolejeunea (Jungermanniopsida) after 25 years
The last worldwide account of Aphanolejeunea, done 25 years ago, recognized 41 valid species. Since then the number of accepted taxa has increased by 10 new species, described mostly by us, and 4Expand
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Disjunct Hepaticae in tropical America and Africa
An increasingly large number of macrodisjunct species is emerging from recent literature dealing with taxonomy and floristics of tropical bryophytes. This paper reviews present knowledge concerningExpand
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Molecular insights into the phylogeny and subgeneric classification of Frullania Raddi (Frullaniaceae, Porellales).
With an estimated 300-375 species, Frullania is the largest genus of Porellales and forms a major clade of leafy liverworts. The cosmopolitan genus includes mostly epiphytes and represents anExpand
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Evidence for Rampant Homoplasy in the Phylogeny of the Epiphyllous Liverwort Genus Cololejeunea (Lejeuneaceae)
Abstract Rampant homoplasy can be a major challenge in the classification of land plants that have limited morphological differences and/or ecological diversity, such as liverworts and mosses. HereExpand
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Manual of Tropical Bryology
It is still a fact that most bryologists per area are found in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, who have spent up to 200 years (as in Europe) in the exploration of their bryoflorasExpand
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New Liverwort (Marchantiophyra) records for the Fiji Islands
Forty-eight species of liverworts (Marchantiophyta) are reported as new to the Fiji Islands. These records increase the number of Fijian liverworts by over 20%. Extensions of range within Fiji areExpand
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Hepatic and hornwort flora of Singapore
The primary aim of this study was to investigate and document the hepatic and hornwort floras of Singapore. The secondary aim was to compare and understand the changes in the species compositionExpand
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Towards a monophyletic classification of Lejeuneaceae IV: reinstatement of Allorgella, transfer of Microlejeunea aphanella to Vitalianthus and refinements of the subtribal classification
The classification of Lejeuneeae, the most speciose tribe of the largely epiphytic leafy liverwort family Lejeuneaceae, is deemed notoriously difficult and hampered by extensive morphologicalExpand
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