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Absorption of Photo-Ionizing Radiation of Corona Discharges in Air
The absorption characteristics of photo-ionizing VUV radiation emitted by corona discharges in the pressure range from 20 to 750 Torr in dry and humid air were measured. The experimental results areExpand
Positive Corona at Combined DC and AC Voltage
This paper demonstrates that the positive streamer corona may be useful for the detection of electronegative impurities in gas (ambient air). The measurements of the repetition rate of streamers areExpand
Spatio-temporaly resolved emision spectroscopy of theatmospheric pressure glow discharge in neon
Abstract: In this contribution recent results on spatio-temporally resolved spectroscopic diagnostics of the dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) in neon at atmospheric pressure in combination withExpand
The after-effect of streamers of positive corona under combined voltage
The rise probabilities of positive corona streamers initiated by a flux of negative ions are investigated under the combined voltage (dc + ac) in point-to-coaxial cylinder discharge gaps inExpand
International Conference on Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies 2013 (FM&NT2013)
The International Conference Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies (FM&NT – 2013) was held in Tartu, 21–24 April 2013 at the Dorpat Conference Centre. The conference was organised by Institute ofExpand
The Production of Plasma Activated Water in Controlled Ambient Gases and its Impact on Cancer Cell Viability
The present study investigated the effect of plasma-produced reactive oxygen (ROS) and nitrogen (RNS) species on cancer cell viability. Reactive species were generated in deionized water by using anExpand
Experimental determination of first Townsend ionization coefficient in mixtures of He and N2
First Townsend ionization coefficient α in gas mixture of He with N2 is relevant for modeling of the development and chemical activity of atmospheric pressure plasma jets. This study determined αExpand
International conference on Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies (FM&NT-2013), 21–24 April 2013, Tartu, Estonia
The annual international conference Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies (FM&NT) was started in 2006 by scientists from the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia. The warmExpand