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Constraints from Thorium/Lanthanum on Sediment Recycling at Subduction Zones and the Evolution of the Continents
Arc magmas and the continental crust share many chemical features, but a major question remains as to whether these features are created by subduction or are recycled from subducting sediment. This
Element transport from slab to volcanic front at the Mariana arc
We present a comprehensive geochemical data set for the most recent volcanics from the Mariana Islands, which provides new constraints on the timing and nature of fluxes from the subducting slab. The
Petrological systematics of mid-ocean ridge basalts: Constraints on melt generation beneath ocean ridges
Mid-ocean ridge basalts (MORB) are a consequence of pressure-release melting beneath ocean ridges, and contain much information concerning melt formation, melt migration and heterogeneity within the
Dehydration and melting experiments constrain the fate of subducted sediments
Geochemical tracers demonstrate that elements are cycled from subducted sediments into the arc melting regime at subduction zones, although the transfer mechanism is poorly understood. Are key
Composition of altered oceanic crust at ODP Sites 801 and 1149
We present a comprehensive major and trace element dataset establishing ODP Site 801 as a geochemical reference for altered oceanic crust. The composition of old crustal sequences like those at Sites
Mantle melting as a function of water content beneath back-arc basins
Subduction zone magmas are characterized by high concentrations of H_(2)O, presumably derived from the subducted plate and ultimately responsible for melting at this tectonic setting. Previous