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Detection of a novel circovirus PCV3 in pigs with cardiac and multi-systemic inflammation
BackgroundPorcine circovirus 2 causes different clinical syndromes resulting in a significant economic loss in the pork industry. Three pigs with unexplained cardiac and multi-organ inflammation thatExpand
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The Fecal Viral Flora of Wild Rodents
The frequent interactions of rodents with humans make them a common source of zoonotic infections. To obtain an initial unbiased measure of the viral diversity in the enteric tract of wild rodents weExpand
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Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Aichi Viruses from Fecal Specimens Collected in Japan, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Vietnam
ABSTRACT Aichi virus is a new member of the family Picornaviridae, genus Kobuvirus, and is associated with human gastroenteritis. This study detected Aichi virus in 28 of 912 fecal specimens whichExpand
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Discovery of a Novel Polyomavirus in Acute Diarrheal Samples from Children
Polyomaviruses are small circular DNA viruses associated with chronic infections and tumors in both human and animal hosts. Using an unbiased deep sequencing approach, we identified a novel, highlyExpand
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Genetic heterogeneity, evolution and recombination in emerging G9 rotaviruses.
G9 rotavirus is recognized as the emerging genotype spreading around the world. The rapidly increasing detection of this virus in association with the genetic heterogeneity raises questions regardingExpand
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Genetic heterogeneity, evolution, and recombination in noroviruses.
Norovirus is one of the most common causes of nonbacterial gastroenteritis in humans. A total of 603 fecal specimens collected from sporadic pediatric cases of acute gastroenteritis in Japan fromExpand
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Divergent Astrovirus Associated with Neurologic Disease in Cattle
Using viral metagenomics of brain tissue from a young adult crossbreed steer with acute onset of neurologic disease, we sequenced the complete genome of a novel astrovirus (BoAstV-NeuroS1) that wasExpand
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Acute Diarrhea in West African Children: Diverse Enteric Viruses and a Novel Parvovirus Genus
ABSTRACT Parvoviruses cause a variety of mild to severe symptoms or asymptomatic infections in humans and animals. During a viral metagenomic analysis of feces from children with acute diarrhea inExpand
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Detection and Genetic Characterization of Group A Rotavirus Strains Circulating among Children with Acute Gastroenteritis in Japan
ABSTRACT A total of 603 fecal specimens collected from July 2005 to June 2006 from children with acute gastroenteritis, encompassing five different localities in Japan, were screened for group AExpand
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Human astrovirus, norovirus (GI, GII), and sapovirus infections in Pakistani children with diarrhea
Fecal specimens from 517 infants and young children admitted to the Civil Karachi Hospital, Dow Medical College, Karachi city, Pakistan with acute gastroenteritis from 1990 to 1994 were collected andExpand
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