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Trace element signature of subduction-zone fluids, melts and supercritical liquids at 120–180 km depth
Fluids and melts liberated from subducting oceanic crust recycle lithophile elements back into the mantle wedge, facilitate melting and ultimately lead to prolific subduction-zone arc volcanism. TheExpand
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The water–basalt system at 4 to 6 GPa: Phase relations and second critical endpoint in a K-free eclogite at 700 to 1400 °C
The phase diagram of a K-free mid ocean ridge basalt–H2O system was determined between 4 and 6 GPa to constrain compositions of the liquid phases as liberated from an eclogite during deep subductionExpand
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Dust production and deposition in Asia and the north Pacific Ocean over the past 12 Myr
The silicate fractions of recent pelagic sediments in the central north Pacific Ocean are dominated by eolian dust derived from central Asia. An 11 Myr sedimentary record at ODP Sites 885/886 atExpand
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Determination of fluid/melt partition coefficients by LA-ICPMS analysis of co-existing fluid and silicate melt inclusions: Controls on element partitioning
Abstract Analyses of co-existing silicate melt and fluid inclusions, entrapped in quartz crystals in volatile saturated magmatic systems, allowed direct quantitative determination of fluid/meltExpand
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Laser Ablation ICPMS study of trace element partitioning between plagioclase and basaltic melts: an experimental approach
Plagioclase-melt partition coefficients (D) for 34 trace elements at natural concentration levels were determined experimentally in a natural MORB composition at atmospheric pressure using thinExpand
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Geochemistry of Ocean Floor and Fore-arc Serpentinites: Constraints on the Ultramafic Input to Subduction Zones
Free to read at publisher's site. We provide new insights into the geochemistry of serpentinites from mid-ocean ridges (Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Hess Deep), passive margins (Iberia Abyssal Plain andExpand
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Sediment-Hosted Gold Deposits in Guizhou, China: Products of Wall-Rock Sulfidation by Deep Crustal Fluids
Sediment-hosted gold deposits in Guizhou, China, are hosted in late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic sedimentary rocks along the southwest margin of the Precambrian Yangtze craton. They haveExpand
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Plagioclase Peridotites in Ocean–Continent Transitions: Refertilized Mantle Domains Generated by Melt Stagnation in the Shallow Mantle Lithosphere
complex history of regional-scale melt infiltration and melt^rock reaction, which has erased most of the ancient history. Simple calculations suggest that up to 12% of mid-ocean ridge basalt-typeExpand
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Magmatic-to-hydrothermal crystallization in the W–Sn mineralized Mole Granite (NSW, Australia): Part II: Evolving zircon and thorite trace element chemistry
Abstract The Sn–W mineralized Mole Granite in Eastern Australia hosts zircon populations that crystallized at several stages during a protracted magmatic to hydrothermal evolution. Thirty-fourExpand
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The magmatic-hydrothermal evolution of two barren granites: a melt and fluid inclusion study of the Rito del Medio and Cañada Pinabete plutons in northern New Mexico (USA)
The magmatic-hydrothermal evolution of two barren granites associated with the Tertiary Questa Caldera in northern New Mexico was reconstructed on the basis of microthermometric and laser-ablationExpand
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