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Carbohydrate and energy-yielding metabolism in non-conventional yeasts.
Comp comparative information on the different steps of the fundamental pathways of sugar utilization in non-conventional yeasts: glycolysis, fermentation, tricarboxylic acid cycle, pentose phosphate pathway and respiration is provided.
Molecular cloning and characterization of the gene HXK1 encoding the hexokinase from Yarrowia lipolytica
The gene HXK1 from the dimorphic yeast Yarrowia lipolytica that encodes the unique hexokinase of this yeast has an intron located 39 base pairs after the A of the first ATG and contains a sequence of 40 amino acids which is absent from other knownhexokinase sequences.
Hexokinase Regulates Kinetics of Glucose Transport and Expression of Genes Encoding Hexose Transporters inSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Glucose transport kinetics and mRNA levels of different glucose transporters were determined in Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains expressing different sugar kinases during exponential growth on glucose, revealing that the high-affinity component is mostly due to HXT7; however, a previously unidentified very-high-Affinity component appeared to be due to other factors.
Production and New Extraction Method of Polyketide Red Pigments Produced by Ascomycetous Fungi from Terrestrial and Marine Habitats
A pressurized liquid extraction technique was carried out in this study, allowing a greener and faster extraction step of the pigments, while preserving their chemical structures and bioactivities in comparison to conventional extraction processes.
The alm1+ gene from Schizosaccharomyces pombe encodes a coiled-coil protein that associates with the medial region during mitosis
It is proposed that Alm1 participates in the structural organization of the medial region in S. pombe, which is predicted to be a coiled-coil protein, containing a central α-helical domain flanked by non-helicals terminal domains.