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An Orphan Nuclear Receptor Activated by Pregnanes Defines a Novel Steroid Signaling Pathway
Steroid hormones exert profound effects on differentiation, development, and homeostasis in higher eukaryotes through interactions with nuclear receptors. We describe a novel orphan nuclear receptor,Expand
Dopamine neuron agenesis in Nurr1-deficient mice.
Dopamine neurons of the substantia nigra and ventral tegmental area regulate movement and affective behavior and degenerate in Parkinson's disease. The orphan nuclear receptor Nurr1 was shown to beExpand
Identification of Intrinsic Determinants of Midbrain Dopamine Neurons
The prospect of using cell replacement therapies has raised the key issue of whether elucidation of developmental pathways can facilitate the generation of therapeutically important cell types fromExpand
Identification of a nuclear receptor that is activated by farnesol metabolites
Nuclear hormone receptors comprise a superfamily of ligand-modulated transcription factors that mediate the transcriptional activities of steroids, retinoids, and thyroid hormones. A growing numberExpand
Structure and function of Nurr1 identifies a class of ligand-independent nuclear receptors
Members of the nuclear receptor (NR) superfamily of transcription factors modulate gene transcription in response to small lipophilic molecules. Transcriptional activity is regulated by ligandsExpand
Structural determinants of nuclear receptor assembly on DNA direct repeats
Nuclear receptor heterodimers recognize response elements composed of two direct repeats of the consensus sequence 5′-AGGTCA-3′ separated by one to five base pairs. The 1.9 Å crystal structure of theExpand
A novel pathway for vitamin A signaling mediated by RXR heterodimerization with NGFI-B and NURR1.
In addition to its role as a 9-cis retinoic acid receptor, RXR has an important role in the regulation of multiple hormonal pathways through heterodimerization with nuclear receptors. Here, we showExpand
The establishment of neuronal properties is controlled by Sox4 and Sox11.
The progression of neurogenesis relies on proneural basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factors. These factors operate in undifferentiated neural stem cells and induce cell cycle exit and theExpand
Cellular expression of the immediate early transcription factors Nurr1 and NGFI-B suggests a gene regulatory role in several brain regions including the nigrostriatal dopamine system.
Nurr1 and NGFI-B are closely related orphan members of the steroid-thyroid hormone receptor family involved in immediate early responses to stimuli such as growth factors. In-situ hybridization inExpand
Fate of mesencephalic AHD2-expressing dopamine progenitor cells in NURR1 mutant mice.
The orphan nuclear receptor NURR1 was previously demonstrated to be required for the generation of mesencephalic dopamine (DA) cells. However, even in the absence of NURR1, which is normallyExpand