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Zebrafish Wnt9a,9b paralog comparisons suggest ancestral roles for Wnt9 in neural, oral-pharyngeal ectoderm and mesendoderm.
The Wnts are a highly conserved family of secreted glycoproteins involved in cell-cell signaling and pattern formation during early embryonic development. Teasing out the role of individual WntExpand
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Zebrafish Wnt9b synteny and expression during first and second arch, heart, and pectoral fin bud morphogenesis.
Roles for Wnt9b in craniofacial development are indicated by the cleft lip mutant phenotype observed in the A/WySn mouse strain,(1) caused by a retrotransposon insertion mutation at the Wnt9b locus.Expand
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Fluorosis: A New Model and New Insights
Fluoride is an effective agent for the prevention of dental caries. However, the mechanism of how excessive fluoride exposure causes fluorosis remains uncertain. Zebrafish (Danio rerio) exhibitExpand
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Zebrafish acvr2a and acvr2b exhibit distinct roles in craniofacial development
To examine the roles of activin type II receptor signaling in craniofacial development, full‐length zebrafish acvr2a and acvr2b clones were isolated. Although ubiquitously expressed as maternal mRNAsExpand
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Alk8 is required for neural crest cell formation and development of pharyngeal arch cartilages
The type I TGFβ family member receptor alk8 acts in bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling pathways to establish dorsoventral patterning in the early zebrafish embryo. Here, we present evidenceExpand
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Alternative splicing, phylogenetic analysis, and craniofacial expression of zebrafish tbx22
Mutations in human TBX22 cause X‐linked cleft palate with ankyloglossia syndrome (CPX; OMIM 303400). Since the secondary palate was an adaptation to breathing on land, we characterized zebrafishExpand
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Maternal alk8 promoter fragment directs expression in early oocytes.
Zebrafish Alk8 is a novel type I TGFbeta family member receptor that functions in Bmp signaling pathways to direct dorsoventral patterning of the early embryo. Both alk8 mRNA and protein is expressedExpand
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One of the most exciting and controversial topics in science and politics is stem cell research and the desire of scientists to be able to regenerate human tissue and organs. Our bodies begin as aExpand
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