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A spectrocolorimetric study on the effect of ultraviolet irradiation of four tropical hardwoods.
Colour modifications caused by exposure to artificial UV radiation (350 nm, UV-A) of four tropical hardwoods, jatobá, angelim vermelho, garapeira, and marupá, have been evaluated by diffuseExpand
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The use of near Infrared Spectroscopy to Identify solid wood Specimens of Swietenia Macrophylla0 (Cites Appendix II)
Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has been shown effective as a tool for identifying Swietenia when tested as laboratory-processed powder, but testing such powdered wood is not readily adaptable toExpand
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Discrimination of native wood charcoal by infrared spectroscopy
Brazil is one of the largest producers and consumers of charcoal in the world. About 50% of its charcoal comes from native forests, with a large part coming from unsustainable operations. TheExpand
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Exploratory Analysis of the Distribution of Lignin and Cellulose in Woods by Raman Imaging and Chemometrics
The determinations of cellulose and lignin are important in wood analysis from both perspectives: chemistry composition, commercial and industrial application of woods. In this context, Raman imageExpand
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Resistência ao intemperismo artificial de cinco madeiras tropicais e de dois produtos de acabamento.
This work aimed at evaluating the photodecomposition process of five tropical wood species and the protection effect of two wood finishing products under artificial weathering. Woods of TabebuiaExpand
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Wood samples of marupa ( Simarouba amara ) and andiroba ( Carapa guianenis ) were submitted to Trametes versicolor (white rot) and Gloeophylum trabeum (brown rot) fungi attack. Colorimetry was usedExpand
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Near infrared hyperspectral imaging and MCR-ALS applied for mapping chemical composition of the wood specie Swietenia Macrophylla King (Mahogany) at microscopic level
Abstract Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy offers an efficient method for the characterization of solid wood. Nowadays, it is particularly relevant to the development of new methods that allow theExpand
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Thermodynamic aspects of the Pb adsorption using Brazilian sawdust samples: Removal of metal ions from battery industry wastewater
Abstract Brazilian sawdust samples (Caryocar spp.; Manilkara spp.; and Tabebuia spp.) have been used for Pb(II) ions adsorption from water at 25 °C. The series of adsorption isotherms were adjustedExpand
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Efeito do intemperismo artificial em quatro madeiras tropicais monitorado por espectroscopia de infravermelho (DRIFT)
Four tropical woods, were investigated to compare their performance and natural resistances to artificial weathering using the diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy (DRIFT). TheExpand
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