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Time and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Quantum mechanics has provided philosophers of science with many counterintuitive insights and interpretive puzzles, but little has been written about the role that time plays in the theory. OneExpand
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Eye injuries associated with war games.
War games, an outdoor activity combining recreation, military maneuvers and fantasy, are becoming a popular recreational sport. Increasing numbers of players are suffering eye injuries. In the lastExpand
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Dirac's Prediction of the Positron: A Case Study for the Current Realism Debate
  • T. Pashby
  • Philosophy
  • Perspectives on Science
  • 15 October 2012
Much debate has ensued regarding the challenge to scientific realism provided by consideration of certain problematic episodes of theory change in the history of science. This paper contends thatExpand
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How Do Things Persist? Location Relations in Physics and the Metaphysics of Persistence
This paper investigates the use of theories of mechanics (classical and quantum) to provide answers to questions in the metaphysics of spatial location and persistence. Investigating spatialExpand
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Eye injuries in Canadian hockey. Phase II.
  • T. Pashby
  • Medicine
  • Canadian Medical Association journal
  • 17 September 1977
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Eye injuries in Canadian amateur hockey
  • T. Pashby
  • Medicine
  • Canadian journal of ophthalmology. Journal…
  • 1 July 1979
Two studies, one retrospective (1972 to 1973) and one prospec tive (1974 to 1975), concerning eye injuries incurred by hockey players were conducted by the Canadian Ophthalmological Society withExpand
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Eye injuries in Canadian hockey.
Increasing public concern led the Canadian Ophthalmological Society, in January 1974, to form a committee to study the incidence, types and causes of hockey eye injuries and to devise means ofExpand
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Eye injuries in Canadian sports and recreational activities.
  • T. Pashby
  • Medicine
  • Canadian journal of ophthalmology. Journal…
  • 1 August 1992
Over 4000 eye injuries, including 449 blind eyes, have been reported in sports and recreational activities in Canada over the past 20 years. This is not only a great personal loss but also aExpand
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Ocular injuries and war games.
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Ocular injuries in hockey.
  • T. Pashby
  • Medicine
  • International ophthalmology clinics
  • 1988
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