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Geomorphic evolution of Southern Africa since the Mesozoic
Controversies regarding the correlation of erosion cycles within southern Africa are traced through some earlier contributions; many of these reflect a failure to apply rigorous field criteria to
Lower Pliocene Hominid Remains from Sterkfontein
Cosmogenic aluminum-26 and beryllium-10 burial dates of low-lying fossiliferous breccia in the caves at Sterkfontein, South Africa, show that associated hominid fossils accumulated in the Lower
A 3000-year high-resolution stalagmitebased record of palaeoclimate for northeastern South Africa
High-resolution stable isotope variations and growth structure analyses of the last three millennia of a 6600-year stalagmite record at Cold Air Cave, Makapansgat Valley, South Africa, are presented.
The Cenozoic of southern Africa
This book is devoted exclusively to the Cenozoic era in southern Africa. The authors explore a variety of themes within this time frame, beginning with the evolution of the major landforms of the
Of diamonds, dinosaurs and diastrophism; 150 million years of landscape evolution in southern Africa
The state of knowledge on the tectonic and geomorphological evolution of southern Africa during the post-Gondwana period is reviewed in the context of Alex du Toit9s fundamental contributions to
Cainozoic environmental change in southern Africa, with special emphasis on the last 200 000 years
Since the end of the Cretaceous, Africa's latitudinal drift has been relatively small and has not significantly modified the general pattern of stepwise cooling and aridification that has