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Hormonal induction of sex reversal in fish
Abstract Hormonal induction of sex reversal is possible in 47 species (15 families) of gonochores (34 species, nine families) and hermaphrodites using one of the 31 (16 androgens, 15 estrogens)Expand
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Ploidy induction and sex control in fish
In fish, pre-embryonic events such as insemination, second polar body extrusion and first mitotic cleavage are manipulable and render 37 different types of ploidy induction possible. A classificationExpand
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Acute and chronic effects of carbaryl on survival, growth, and metamorphosis in the bullfrog (Rana tigrina)
The effects of carbaryl (1-naphthalenyl methylcarbamate), an extensively used insecticide in agricultural operations, have been studied on survival, growth, and metamorphosis of the bullfrogExpand
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Ecophysiological studies on the developing eggs and embryos of the European lobster Homarus gammarus
During the course of its embryonic development, the European lobster Homarus gammarusLinnaeus exhibits progressive increases in content of water (54.0 to 83.1%), ash (2.7 to 16.7%), protein (47.4 toExpand
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Effect on growth and reproduction of hormone immersed and masculinized fighting fish Betta splendens.
To produce all-male progenies in the fighting fish, Betta splendens, six groups of fry were subjected to discrete immersion treatment at different 17alpha-methyltestosterone (MT) doses (viz. 100,Expand
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Culture and harvesting techniques for Tubifex tubifex
Abstract The oligochaete worm Tubifex tubifex is one of the best and one of the cheapest live foods for fish, prawns and frogs. The worm grows fastest (7.5 mg in 42 days) on a substrate containingExpand
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Recent Advances in Hormonal Induction of Sex-Reversal in Fish
ABSTRACT A neuroendocrine peptide can induce sex-reversal in pro-togynous labrid teleosts, similar to androgenic and antiestrogenic steroids. Culture water containing metabolites ofExpand
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Time and energy costs of metamorphosis in the Indian bullfrog Rana tigrina
Ran tigirina tadpoles were reared on different foods and rations at diffrent temperatures and larval densities in waters of diffrent qualities and at different aquarium water depths. Time and energyExpand
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Interspecific androgenetic restoration of rosy barb using cadaveric sperm.
Interspecific androgenetic rosy barb (Puntius conchonius) was generated using its cadaveric (-20 degrees C) or fresh sperm to activate nuclear genome inactivated oocytes of gray tiger barb (PuntiusExpand
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THIS paper reports on the feeding and reproductive cycles of Mystus gulio in the Cooum backwaters. It is based on the author's previous work concerning the feeding habits of Megalops cypritioidesExpand
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