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Modern Regression Methods
This new edition of Regression Methods has been updated and enhanced to include all-new information on the latest advances and research in the evolving field of regression analysis. Expand
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System Reliability Theory: Models, Statistical Methods, and Applications, Second Edition
IIJ) the 1980's and 1990's, manufacturing around the world experienced a quality revolution, driven largely by increased globalization. A relatively recent, good example is General Electric'sExpand
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Forster’s Tern, Caspian Tern, and California Gull Colonies in San Francisco Bay: Habitat Use, Numbers and Trends, 1982-2003
Abstract We analyzed data on numbers and annual trends of breeding terns and gulls based on censuses of all colonies of the Caspian Tern (Sterna caspia), Forster’s Tern (S. forsteri) and CaliforniaExpand
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Statistical Control by Monitoring and Feedback Adjustment
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Attributes control charts have historically been used with 3-sigma limits. When such an approach is used there is the implicit assumption that the normal approximation to the binomial and PoissonExpand
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The estimation of sigma for an X chart: MR/d2 or S/c4?
The standard approach to estimating sigma for an individual observations control chart is to use moving ranges. We show that, for independent, normally distributed observations, this approach is veryExpand
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Statistical methods for quality improvement
FUNDAMENTAL QUALITY IMPROVEMENT AND STATISTICAL CONCEPTS. Basic Tools for Improving Quality. Basic Concepts in Statistics and Probability. CONTROL CHARTS AND PROCESS CAPABILITY. Control Charts forExpand
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Microwave ablation: results with a 2.45-GHz applicator in ex vivo bovine and in vivo porcine liver.
PURPOSE To characterize the relationship between applied power and treatment duration in their effect on extent of coagulation produced with a 2.45-GHz microwave applicator in both an ex vivo and aExpand
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Chemical characterization of diketopiperazines in beer
Diketopiperazines (DKPs) corresponding to cyclic dipeptides have been detected in a variety of natural products as well as in processed foods, beverages, and food and beverage ingredients. A seriesExpand
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Modern Experimental Design
Preface. 1. Introduction. 1.1 Experiments All Around Us. 1.2 Objectives for Experimental Designs. 1.3 Planned Experimentation versus use of Observational Data. 1.4 Basic Design Concepts. 1.5Expand
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