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[Isolation of new species of the genus Actinomadura on selective media with rubomycin].
In the screening programme of organisms producing new antibiotics on selective media with rubomycin (5, 10, 20 gamma/ml) 4 unusual actinomyceteus cultures forming short, straight, hook-like andExpand
[Comparative evaluation of various bacterial growth inhibitors as selective agents for isolation of soil Actinomyces].
Tobramycin and dioxidine sensitivity of 57 strains belonging to 14 actinomycetes genera was studied. The cultures of Streptomyces were much more sensitive to tobramycin than the cultures of rareExpand
[Distribution of teichoic acids in cultures of the genus Actinomadura].
The occurrence of teichoic acids in cultures of Actinomadura genus was studied. All 30 strains examined in this survey contained alditol phosphate polymers. Most of the cultures had poly(glycerolExpand
[New species of Actinomadura coeruleoviolacea sp. nov. and its antagonistic properties].
Eight strains of actinomycetes isolated from soil samples were described as representatives of Actinomadura coeruleoviolacea sp.nov. The species was characterized by straight and sometimes branchingExpand