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The crystal structure of the DNase domain of colicin E7 in complex with its inhibitor Im7 protein.
BACKGROUND Colicin E7 (ColE7) is one of the bacterial toxins classified as a DNase-type E-group colicin. The cytotoxic activity of a colicin in a colicin-producing cell can be counteracted by bindingExpand
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Mechanism of Product Chain Length Determination and the Role of a Flexible Loop in Escherichia coliUndecaprenyl-pyrophosphate Synthase Catalysis*
The Escherichia coliundecaprayl-pyrophosphate synthase (UPPs) structure has been solved using the single wavelength anomalous diffraction method. The putative substrate-binding site is located nearExpand
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The Three-Dimensional Structure of Canavalin from Jack Bean (Canavalia ensiformis)
The three-dimensional structure of the vicilin storage protein canavalin, from Canavalia ensiformis, has been determined in a hexagonal crystal by x-ray diffraction methods. The model has beenExpand
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Structures of three crystal forms of the sweet protein thaumatin.
Three crystal forms of the sweet-tasting protein thaumatin from the African berry Thaumatococcus daniellii have been grown. These include two naturally occurring isoforms, A and B, that differ by aExpand
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Structure of orthorhombic crystals of beef liver catalase.
The growth mechanisms and physical properties of the orthorhombic crystal form of beef liver catalase were investigated using in situ atomic force microscopy (AFM). It was observed that the crystalsExpand
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Structure of human erythrocyte catalase.
Catalase (E.C. was purified from human erythrocytes and crystallized in three different forms: orthorhombic, hexagonal and tetragonal. The structure of the orthorhombic crystal form ofExpand
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Phospholipases A2 from Callosellasma rhodostoma venom gland cloning and sequencing of 10 of the cDNAs, three-dimensional modelling and chemical modification of the major isozyme.
Callosellasma rhodostoma (Malayan pitviper) is a monotypic Asian pitviper of medical importance. Three acidic phospholipases A2 (PLA2s) and one basic PLA2-homolog were purified from its venom whileExpand
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Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of the Escherichia coli tyrosine aminotransferase.
Tyrosine aminotransferase catalyzes transamination for both dicarboxylic and aromatic amino-acid substrates. The substrate-free Escherichia coli tyrosine aminotransferase (eTAT) bound with theExpand
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Structure of tetragonal crystals of human erythrocyte catalase.
The structure of catalase from human erythrocytes (HEC) was determined in tetragonal crystals of space group I4(1) by molecular-replacement methods, using the orthorhombic crystal structure as aExpand
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Structure of the MecI repressor from Staphylococcus aureus in complex with the cognate DNA operator of mec.
The dimeric repressor MecI regulates the mecA gene that encodes the penicillin-binding protein PBP-2a in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). MecI is similar to BlaI, the repressor forExpand
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