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Monitoring stellar orbits around the Massive Black Hole in the Galactic Center
We present the results of 16 years of monitoring stellar orbits around the massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way, using high-resolution near-infrared techniques. This work refines ourExpand
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The two young star disks in the central parsec of the galaxy: properties, dynamics and formation
We report the definite spectroscopic identification of 40 OB supergiants, giants and main sequence stars in the central parsec of the Galaxy. Detection of their absorption lines have become possibleExpand
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A star in a 15.2-year orbit around the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way
Many galaxies are thought to have supermassive black holes at their centres—more than a million times the mass of the Sun. Measurements of stellar velocities and the discovery of variable X-rayExpand
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Evidence for Warped Disks of Young Stars in the Galactic Center
We present the results from new observations of the GC with the AO-assisted near-infrared imager NACO and the integral field spectrograph SINFONI. Expand
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Near-infrared flares from accreting gas around the supermassive black hole at the Galactic Centre
Recent measurements of stellar orbits provide compelling evidence that the compact radio source Sagittarius A* (refs 4, 5) at the Galactic Centre is a 3.6-million-solar-mass black hole. Sgr A* isExpand
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From Rings to Bulges: Evidence for Rapid Secular Galaxy Evolution at z ~ 2 from Integral Field Spectroscopy in the SINS Survey
We present Hα integral field spectroscopy of well-resolved, UV/optically selected z ~ 2 star-forming galaxies as part of the SINS survey with SINFONI on the ESO VLT. Our laser guide star adaptiveExpand
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The structure of the nuclear stellar cluster of the Milky Way
Aims. The centre of the Milky Way is the nearest nucleus of a galaxy and offers a unique possibility to study the structure and dynamics of a dense stellar cluster around a super-massive black hole.Expand
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The most massive stars in the Arches cluster
Aims. We study a sample composed of 28 of the brightest stars in the Arches cluster. Our aim is to constrain their stellar and wind properties and to establish their nature and evolutionary status.Expand
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A geometric distance measurement to the Galactic Center black hole with 0.3% uncertainty
We present a 0.16% precise and 0.27% accurate determination of R0, the distance to the Galactic Center. Our measurement uses the star S2 on its 16-year orbit around the massive black hole Sgr A* thatExpand
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Polarimetry of near-infrared flares from Sagittarius A*
Context. We report new polarization measurements of the variable near-infrared emission of the SgrA* counterpart associated with the massive 3–$4\times10^6$ $M_{\odot}$ Black Hole at the GalacticExpand
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