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Gems from traditional north-African medicine: medicinal and aromatic plants from Sudan
The present review gives an overview of traditional Sudanese medicinal and aromatic herbs and their habitats, traditional uses, and phytochemical constituents. Expand
Secondary brown carbon formation via the dicarbonyl imine pathway: nitrogen heterocycle formation and synergistic effects.
This study demonstrates the complexity of secondary brown carbon formation via the imine pathway and highlights that cross-reactions with synergistic effects have to be considered an important pathway for atmospheric BrC formation. Expand
Marine Indole Alkaloids
Several marine-derived indoles were found to possess cytotoxic, antineoplastic, antibacterial and antimicrobial activities, in addition to the action on human enzymes and receptors. Expand
Omphalotins E–I, Five Oxidatively Modified Nematicidal Cyclopeptides from Omphalotus olearius
Omphalotins E–I, oxidatively modified cyclic dodecapeptides, were isolated from mycelial extracts of the basidiomycete Omphalotus olearius, and their structures were determined by NMR spectroscopicExpand
Sfp-Type 4′-Phosphopantetheinyl Transferase Is Indispensable for Fungal Pathogenicity[W]
It is concluded that PPTase-deficient mutants of Magnaporthe oryzea were also nonpathogenic, and PPTases represent a novel fungal pathogenicity factor. Expand
Carbohydrate Nanocarriers in Biomedical Applications: Functionalization and Construction
The specific targeting of either tumor cells or immune cells in vivo by carefully designed and appropriately surface-functionalized nanocarriers may become an effective therapeutic treatment for aExpand
Ascomycones A-C, heptaketide metabolites from an unidentified ascomycete.
The ascomycones A-C (1-3), three novel heptaketide-derived secondary metabolites, have been isolated from cultures of an unknown ascomYcete and exhibited significant activity against several phytopathogenic fungi. Expand
Characterization of the synthetic cannabinoid MDMB-CHMCZCA
The synthetic cannabinoid MDMB-CHMCZCA was characterized by various spectroscopic techniques including NMR spectroscopy and tandem mass spectrometry and the enantiomeric purity of samples from test purchases and police seizures was assessed by a self-developed chiral HPLC method. Expand
Carbohydrate-Based Nanocarriers Exhibiting Specific Cell Targeting with Minimum Influence from the Protein Corona.
Low overall protein adsorption with a distinct protein pattern and high specific affinity for DC binding were observed, thus indicating an efficient combination of "stealth" and targeting behavior. Expand
Carbohydrates as Multifunctional Chiral Scaffolds in Combinatorial Synthesis.
Four orthogonally stable protecting groups and a selectively cleavable anchor that are stable under basic conditions are required in order that carbohydrates can be employed as chiral polyfunctionalExpand