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Fucoxanthin and Its Metabolites in Edible Brown Algae Cultivated in Deep Seawater
Three metabolites of fucoxanthin were isolated from a brown alga, Scytosiphon lomentaria, and the structure of a new compound was determined by NMR. The content of fucoxanthin, a biologically activeExpand
Production at the Curie Level of No-Carrier-Added 6-18F-Fluoro-l-Dopa
6-18F-fluoro-l-dopa (18F-FDOPA) has proven to be a useful radiopharmaceutical for the evaluation of presynaptic dopaminergic function using PET. In comparison to electrophilic synthesis, theExpand
Aliphatic sulfates released from Daphnia induce morphological defense of phytoplankton: isolation and synthesis of kairomones
Abstract Six aliphatic sulfates, kairomones released from a crustacean Daphnia pulex induce morphological changes of phytoplankton Scenedesmus gutwinskii at ppb (10 −9  g/mL) concentrations.
Antileishmanial compounds from Cordia fragrantissima collected in Burma (Myanmar).
A methanol extract of the wood of Cordia fragrantissima, collected in Burma (Myanmar), was found to exhibit significant activity against Leishmania major. Bioassay-guided fractionation of thisExpand
Pentaketides relating to aspinonene and dihydroaspyrone from a marine-derived fungus, Aspergillus ostianus.
Three new pentaketides, aspinotriols A ( 1) and B ( 3) and aspinonediol ( 5), were isolated together with two known compounds, aspinonene ( 7) and dihydroaspyrone ( 9), from the marine fungusExpand
Brominated unsaturated fatty acids from marine sponge collected in Papua New Guinea.
New brominated fatty acids (3, 5-8, 10) and new sterol esters (14-16) have been isolated from an unidentified marine sponge collected in Papua New Guinea. Their structures were determined on theExpand
Four Pimarane Diterpenes from Marine Fungus: Chloroform Incorporated in Crystal Lattice for Absolute Configuration Analysis by X-ray
Separation of the ethyl acetate extract of marine fungus Cryptosphaeria eunomia var. eunomia afforded a new pimarane-type diterpene 1 together with known compounds, 2, 4, and 5, whose absolute conf...
Isolation of new aliphatic sulfates and sulfamate as the Daphnia Kairomones inducing morphological change of a phytoplankton Scenedesmus gutwinskii.
New aliphatic sulfates and sulfamates were isolated from Daphnia pulex as the Daphnia kairomones that induced morphological defense of a freshwater phytoplankton Scenedesmus gutwinskii var.Expand
Time-of-Flight LC/MS Identification and Confirmation of a Kairomone in Daphnia magna Cultured Medium
Daphnia kairomones induce morphological change to green alga. An active compound (8-methylnonyl sulfate), which was originally isolated and determined from Daphnia pulex body, was identified from a...