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Genomic basis for coral resilience to climate change
Recent advances in DNA-sequencing technologies now allow for in-depth characterization of the genomic stress responses of many organisms beyond model taxa. They are especially appropriate forExpand
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Evaluating life-history strategies of reef corals from species traits.
Classifying the biological traits of organisms can test conceptual frameworks of life-history strategies and allow for predictions of how different species may respond to environmental disturbances.Expand
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Do fluctuating temperature environments elevate coral thermal tolerance?
In reef corals, much research has focused on the capacity of corals to acclimatize and/or adapt to different thermal environments, but the majority of work has focused on distinctions in meanExpand
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Distributions of stress-resistant coral symbionts match environmental patterns at local but not regional scales
Distribution patterns of stress-tolerant coral symbionts suggest that maximum habitat temperatures can drive local scale adaptation of symbiont populations, but at regional scales other processes canExpand
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Many corals host thermally resistant symbionts in high-temperature habitat
Physiologically distinct lines of dinoflagellate symbionts, Symbiodinium spp., may confer distinct thermal tolerance thresholds on their host corals. Therefore, if a coral can alternately hostExpand
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A method for detecting population genetic structure in diverse, high gene-flow species.
Detecting small amounts of genetic subdivision across geographic space remains a persistent challenge. Often a failure to detect genetic structure is mistaken for evidence of panmixia, when moreExpand
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Correlating the motion of electrons and nuclei with two-dimensional electronic–vibrational spectroscopy
Significance To have a full understanding of the role of nuclear motions involved in nonradiative relaxation dynamics of complex molecular systems such as carotenoids, nanomaterials, and molecularExpand
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Measuring correlated electronic and vibrational spectral dynamics using line shapes in two-dimensional electronic-vibrational spectroscopy.
Two-dimensional electronic-vibrational (2DEV) spectroscopy is an experimental technique that shows great promise in its ability to provide detailed information concerning the interactions between theExpand
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Dynamical insights into (1)pi sigma(*) state mediated photodissociation of aniline.
This article reports a comprehensive study of the mechanisms of H atom loss in aniline (C(6)H(5)NH(2)) following ultraviolet excitation, using H (Rydberg) atom photofragment translationalExpand
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