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Silicon modulates the activity of antioxidant enzymes and nitrogen compounds in sunflower plants under salt stress
ABSTRACT Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) is an important oilseed crop with clear sensibility to salt stress. In this study, we evaluated silicon (Si) effect on the nitrogen metabolism and
Biochemical and physiological responses of andiroba (Carapa guianensis Aubl.) seedlings subjected to water deficit
The results showed that suspension of irrigation during 25 days of experiment period promoted a considerable reduction of the water potential of plants grown under water deficit, and the stomatal conductance and transpiration rate showed decrease in non-irrigated plants, with the increase of water deficit period.
Gas exchange and carbon metabolism in leaves of crabwood ('Carapa guianensis' Aubl.) in three mechanisms and suspension of water stress
Andiroba is satisfactorily tolerant to water stress imposed in this experiment, but does not show a rapid recovery after the suspension of water stress, with higher sensitivity toWater stress.
Eco-physiological behavior and carbon metabolism in young plants of balsa wood ('Ochroma pyramidal') under three different water regimes
The water deficit and flooding for twelve days was enough to change the physiological and metabolic processes of balsa wood plants.
Nitrate reductase activity (Nra) and levels of nitrogenous compounds in leaves of crabwood ('Carapa guianensis' Aubl.) under three water regimes and suspension of the stresses
The young plants of crabwood subjected to water stress promoted changes in nitrogen metabolic pathways, and these changes showed a bigger tolerance of the plants of Crabwood to flooding.
The Gender division of work travels back to early indian communities, which used to distinguish activities according to gender. At some tribes, women played some important roles such as to plant, to
Chlorophyll, nitrogen and antioxidant activities in Cumaru ( Dipteryx odorata (Aubl.) Willd) (Fabaceae) in two water regimes
The Cumaru ( Dipteryx odorata (Aubl.) Willd.) is a species used by traditional populations and industries using timber and non-timber forest products. This study aimed to analyze the levels of
Nitrogen compounds and enzyme activity in young muruçi (Byrsonima crassifólia L.) plant subjected to water stress.
Changes indicate that this species is susceptible and can change its metabolic pathways, and some important enzymes in nitrogen metabolism cannot be activated, compromising the entire process of assimilation of this element in soils with low water availability.
Growth and gas exchange of Tachigali vulgaris submitted to water deficiency
The water deficiency condition altered the growth parameters and the environmental relations of the Tachigali vulgaris species, thus evidencing its low physiological plasticity to this abiotic condition.
Biometry and metabolism of carbon in young plants of Parkia pendula (Willd.) Benth. ex Walp. submitted to drought
There were significant changes in function of the established condition of water stress, directly interfering in the growth and development of the Visgueiro plant.