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Characteristics of titanium deposits by electrolysis in molten chloride-fluoride mixture
Titanium deposits were prepared on 304 stainless steel substrates by both constant current and pulse current methods in molten KCl-NaCl-LiCl eutectic salts with 2 mol % potassium hexafluorotitanate.Expand
Electrochemical studies of titanium ions (Ti4+) in equimolar KClNaCl molten salts with 1 wt% K2TiF6
Abstract The electrochemical reduction of Ti4+ ions in equimolar KClNaCl melts containing less K2TiF6 (1wt%) on a Pt electrode, was studied at 973 K by means of linear sweep voltammetry, stationaryExpand
Electrochemical studies of zirconium and hafnium in alkali chloride and alkali fluoride-chloride molten salts
The electrochemical reduction of zirconium and hafnium in alkali chloride or fluoride-chloride molten salts on platinum electrodes has been investigated by means of linear and cyclic voltammetry. ItExpand
Formation mechanism of new corrosion resistance magnesium thin films by PVD method
Abstract Magnesium thin films were deposited on cold-rolled steel by physical vapor deposition sputtering technique. The crystal orientation and morphology of the deposited films were investigated byExpand
Electrochemical studies of titanium in fluoride-chloride molten salts
The interaction between titanium and Ti4+ ions (K2TiF6), the electroreduction reaction of Ti4+ ions and the anodic reaction of Ti in KCl−NaCl−KF melts with K2TiF6 at 973 K were studied by means ofExpand
Wettability of SiC to aluminium and aluminium alloys
AbstractThe wettability of SiC by pure aluminium and aluminium alloys has been measured using the dip coverage method. It was found that alloying elements such as silicon, manganese, iron, andExpand
Electrochemical studies of the reaction between titanium metal and titanium ions in the KCl-NaCl molten salt system at 973 K
AbstractThe reaction between titanium metal and titanium ions in the KCl−NaCl molten salt system was investigated by means of electrochemical and physical methods at 973 K in an inert gas atmosphereExpand
Electrodeposition of Zn−Ni−Fe alloy in acidic chloride bath with separated anodes
The electrodeposition of ternary Zn−Ni−Fe alloy films was investigated in acidic chloride electrolyte. Electrodeposition was performed onto mild steel plates at pH 3 and 43°C. The influence of theExpand