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Which to choose for volumetry : MPRAGE or SPACE ?
Introduction: From a clinical viewpoint, T1-weighted images is used to evaluate lesion signal at pre& post-contrast enhancement. Especially in contrast-enhanced cases, T1-weighted 3D variable flipExpand
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Measurement of Cerebral Blood Flow in Dogs : Comparison of Magnetic Resonance Imaging using H 2 17 O with Positron Emission Tomography using H 2 15
Introduction MRI has become a useful tool for the diagnosis of stroke. Especially diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) has become recognized as a valuable method to detect early ischemic damage. For theExpand
Histopathological evaluation on infarct core, peri-infarct border and intrahemispheric remote area in T2 weighted and diffusion weighted MRI images in the rat brain.
Masato NAKANE1, Hiroshi Toyama2, Hirofumi Anno2, Masayuki Yamada3, Tatsuhiko Okada4, Kaname Matsumura5, Kazuhiro KATADA6, Sukehiko KOGA7 1Fujita Health University, 1-98, Toyoake, Aichi Japan; 2FujitaExpand
High resolution distortion-free diffusion-tensor imaging of craniovertebral junction
Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) using single-shot echo-planar imaging (SS-EPI) has been used widely for clinical applications, especially in the acute brain ischemia. However this method suffersExpand
Meyer ' s loop delineated on magnitude images of susceptibility-weighted imaging : pre-and postoperative perimetric correlation in patients with refractory temporal lobe epilepsy
N. Mori, Y. Miki, N. Mikuni, R. Matsumoto, S. Kasahara, E. Morimoto, M. Kanagaki, A. Yamamoto, T. Okada, S. Noma, and K. Togashi Radiology, Tenri Hospital, Tenri, Nara, Japan, Radiology, Osaka CityExpand