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Development of a Hand-Assist Robot With Multi-Degrees-of-Freedom for Rehabilitation Therapy
This paper presents a virtual reality (VR)-enhanced new hand rehabilitation support system that enables patients to exercise alone. This system features a multi-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) motionExpand
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Transition between virtual environment and workstation environment with projective head mounted display
  • R. Kijima, T. Ojika
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of IEEE Annual International…
  • 1 March 1997
The construction of virtual worlds often requires the user to use various tools in different environments to create several types of elements which have geometrical properties and behavioral characteristics. Expand
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Reflex HMD to compensate lag and correction of derivative deformation
A head-mounted display (HMD) system suffers largely from the time lag between human motion and the display output. Expand
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Modified deflation algorithm for the solution of singular problems. I. A system of nonlinear algebraic equations
Abstract The Behavior of the Newton-Raphson method at the singular roots has been studied by a number of authors and the convergence of the Newton-Raphson sequence has been shown to be linear. InExpand
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Deflation algorithm for the multiple roots of a system of nonlinear equations
Abstract T. Ojika, S. Watanabe, and T. Mitsui (in preparation) have been developing a subroutine package NAES (Nonlinear Algebraic Equations Solver) for the numerical solutions of the system ofExpand
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Virtual Heritage: What Next?
Virtual heritage is the use of computer-based interactive technologies to record, preserve or recreate artifacts, sites and actors of historic, artistic, religious and cultural significance and to deliver the results openly to a global audience in such a way as to provide formative educational experiences through electronic manipulations of time and space. Expand
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Development of virtual reality exercise of hand motion assist robot for rehabilitation therapy by patient self-motion control
This paper presents a virtual reality-enhanced hand rehabilitation support system with a symmetric master-slave motion assistant for independent rehabilitation therapies. Expand
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A Development of Reflex HMD - HMD with time delay compensation capability
We propose Reflex HMD to compensate for the time lag between human motion and the display output. Expand
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Modified deflation algorithm for the solution of singular problems. II. Nonlinear multipoint boundary value problems
Abstract Various kinds of iterative methods have been proposed for the solution of nonlinear multipoint boundary-value problems MPBVP's. However, it is necessary for these methods that the adjustingExpand
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Enhanced Environments: Large-Scale, Real-Time Ecosystems
This research proposes a new method for using real-time information to support large-scale, climatic virtual environments that exhibit natural eco-behavioral conditions. Expand
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