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Assessment of Masticatory Performance
Purpose : This paper focuses on reviewing the methodologies available for evaluating masticatory performance. The objective of this article was to identify various reported methods and reveal
Differences in the Enhancing Effects of Sodium Caprate on Colonic and Jejimal Drug Absorption
We examined the enhancing effect of sodium caprate (C10) on the jejunal absorption of a poorly absorbed drug, cefmetazole, in rats, in comparison with its colonic absorption (Pharm. Res. 5, 341–346,
Role of Paracellular Pathway in Nonelectrolyte Permeation Across Rat Colon Epithelium Enhanced by Sodium Caprate and Sodium Caprylate
The enhancing effects of 0.25% sodium caprate (C10) and sodium caprylate (C8) on the paracellular permeation of seven water-soluble nonelectrolytes (inulin, polyethylene glycol 900, mannitol,
Short-term and low-dose prednisolone administration reduces aromatase inhibitor-induced arthralgia in patients with breast cancer.
It is suggested that prednisolone could substitute non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, acetoaminophen or cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors in patients with AI-induced arthralgia in a joint prospective, multi-institutional investigation.
Inhibitory Effects of Amlexanox on Carbachol‐induced Contractions of Rabbit Ciliary Muscle and Guinea‐pig Taenia Caecum
The mechanism of the noncompetitive inhibition of carbachol‐induced contractions by amlexanox (1–100 μM) was investigated in isolated smooth muscle preparations of the rabbit ciliary body and guinea‐pig taenia caecum.
Relationships between the gonial angle and mandibular ramus morphology in dentate subjects: a panoramic radiophotometric study.
The analysis of the mandibular ramus morphometry on DPRs in terms of GA size and gender was found to be useful for devising a highly predictive and strategic plan for implant-supported oral rehabilitation.