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Polarizer with Nonrectangular Grooves in the HE11 Mode Transmission Line
This paper presents experimental results on polarizers with nonrectangular grooves to be used in high power millimeter wave transmission lines for electron cyclotron heating (ECH) of fusion plasmas.Expand
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Divertors for Helical Devices: Concepts, Plans, Results, and Problems
Abstract With Large Helical Device (LHD) and Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X), the development of helical devices is now taking a large step forward on the path to a steady-state fusion reactor. ImportantExpand
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Observation of H-Mode Operation Windows for ECH Plasmas in Heliotron J
Abstract The H-mode transition properties of 70-GHz, 0.4-MW electron cyclotron heating (ECH) plasmas in Heliotron J have been studied with special reference to their magnetic configurationExpand
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First plasmas in Heliotron J
Results obtained in the initial experimental phase of Heliotron J are reported. Electron beam mapping of the magnetic surfaces at a reduced DC magnetic field has revealed that the observed surfacesExpand
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Improvement of the laser phase contrast method for measuring the spatial distribution of electron density fluctuations in heliotron E
The laser phase contrast method is suitable for measuring long wavelength fluctuations propagating perpendicular to the laser beam axis. The obtainable data, which have so far been integrated alongExpand
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Diamagnetic double-loop method for a highly sensitive measurement of energy stored in a Stellarator plasma
In this article we describe a diamagnetic double-loop method for measurement of the energy stored in a magnetized plasma. Two concentric diamagnetic loops enclose a plasma column. The advantage ofExpand
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Application of two-photon-excited laser-induced fluorescence to atomic hydrogen measurements in the edge region of high-temperature plasmas
A two‐photon‐excited laser‐induced fluorescence (LIF) was applied to measurement of atomic hydrogen densities in the edge region of high‐temperature plasmas of Heliotron E for the first time. In thisExpand
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Polarizers with non-rectangular grooves for high power millimeter waves
Abstract Polarizers with non-rectangular grooves are studied in high power millimeter wave transmission lines for electron cyclotron heating (ECH) and electron cyclotron current drive (ECCD) ofExpand
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Goals and status of Heliotron J
A new helical-axis heliotron device, Heliotron J, is now being constructed at the Institute of Advanced Energy of Kyoto University with the goal of demonstrating its improved helical confinementExpand
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The divertor program in stellarators
Two significant problems that need to be solved for any future fusion device are heat removal and particle control. A very promising method to attack these problems in tokamaks and helical devices isExpand
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