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The average electric current system for the sudden commencements of magnetic storms
SummaryA statistical investigation of the world-wide electric current-systems corresponding to s.c's has been carried out. The storm-time variationDst and the disturbance diurnal variationDs of s.c'sExpand
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Sudden commencements of magnetic storms and atmospheric dynamo action
A statistical investigation of world-wide sudden commencements of magnetic storms has been carried out using data from over 30 magnetic observatories distributed all over the world. An appreciableExpand
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Geomagnetic Pulsations and the Earth's Outer Atmosphere
Summary Hydromagnetic oscillations of the Earth's ionized outer atmosphere along the geomagnetic lines of force are considered. The observational evidence of world-wide geomagnetic pulsationsExpand
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Large-scale electric field in the magnetosphere
A review is given on the distribution and origin of the large-scale electric field in the magnetosphere and its influence on the dynamical behavior of the magnetospheric plasma. Following a generalExpand
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Geomagnetic Storm Effects on Charged Particles
S>The entry of high energy charged particles is studied takipg into account the effect of field distortion arising from a geomagnetic storm. By using a inodified version of Stormer"s theory, theExpand
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Geophysical Effects of High-Altitude Nuclear Explosions
PROMINENCE has been given recently to some geophysical effects of the nuclear tests carried out in August 1958 at Johnston Island in the Pacific. According to newspaper reports1, these tests includedExpand
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Nonlinear interaction of strong microwave beam with the ionosphere MINIX rocket experiment
A rocket-borne experiment called MINIX was carried out to investigate the nonlinear interaction of a strong microwave energy beam with the ionosphere. The MINIX stands for Microwave-IonosphereExpand
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Vehicle charging observed in SEPAC Spacelab-1 experiment
Electrostatic charging of the orbiter has been studied by the Space Shuttle/Spacelab-1 using the Space Experiments with Particle Accelerators (SEPAC). Charging of the orbiter due to electron beamExpand
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World-wide electron density changes and associated thermospheric winds during an ionospheric storm
Abstract Global changes in the ionospheric electron density associated with a geomagnetic storm of June 15–21,1965 are studied, using data of thirty ground-based ionospheric sounders and of AlouetteExpand
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