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Morphological Gill Abnormalities in the Larvae of Hydropsychidae (Trichoptera: Insecta) for Assessment of Water Quality Variables
The aim of this study was carried out to determine the morphological gill abnormalities in hydropsychid larvae in correlation with water quality in the three streams. Samples were collected in April,Expand
Ecological and Economic Importance of Trichoptera ( Aquatic Insect )
Caddisfly insects, order Trichoptera, are one of the most common aquatic invertebrates occurring around the world in rivers, streams, and lakes. They are almost exclusively aquatic in their larvalExpand
The Use of Biotic Indices for Evaluation of Water Quality in the Streams, Western Thailand
The biodiversity of benthic macroinvertebrates was carried out in three seasons (cold-dry season in December 2014; hot-dry season in April 2015 and rainy season 2015) on the Phachi streams in orderExpand
Larvae of hydromanicus (insecta: trichoptera: hydropsychidae) from Thailand.
Larvae of only 2 of the 13 species of Hydromanicus known from Thailand have been described previously. In this research, the "metamorphotype method" was used to associate yet-unidentifiable larvaeExpand
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The Contribution of Temporary Habitat to Aquatic Insect Biodiversity in Kasetsart University , Kamphaeng Saen Campus
Man-made water bodies such as pond can be important habitats for aquatic insects, and may include rare and endangered species. The biodiversity of aquatic insects in temporary habitats were collectedExpand
The larva and pupa of Potamyia flavata (Banks 1934) (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae): Description, life cycle, and notes on its biology.
The immature and adult stages of Potamyia flavata Banks 1934 were sampled in seven sampling sites in streams of western Thailand. The samples were collected in February, May, and December 2015 usingExpand
Descriptions of larvae of four species of Hydropsyche (Hydropsychidae: Trichoptera) from Thailand.
Morphological characters of the larvae of four species in the genus Hydropsyche (H. dolosa, H. brontes, H. napaea, and H. camillus) are described and figured for the first time. The most importantExpand
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Occurrences of Calliphoridae ( Diptera ) on Pig Carcasses in the Dry Season in Thailand
Calliphorids are the first arthropods to colonize corpses; their composition and abundance vary according to location. They are used to estimate post-mortem intervals and surmise the relocation ofExpand