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Introduction to Sahidic Coptic
Working With No Data: Semitic and Egyptian Studies Presented to Thomas O. Lambdin
Preface Tributes: John Huehnergard, Richard J. Clifford The Different Traditions of Mishnaic Hebrew - Moshe Bar-Asher Linguistics and Philology in the Study of Ancient Near Eastern Languages - WalterExpand
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
This book is designed to cover one year's work in Hebrew leading up to a full understanding of the language. It has been used by the author with his students for many years and the published text isExpand
A Ugaritic Abecedary and the Origins of the Proto-Canaanite Alphabet
Advances in the decipherment of Proto-Canaanite texts during the past twelve years 1 together with the discovery of the el-Khadr arrowheads in 1953 2 have furnished definitive evidence that theExpand
The Miši-People of the Byblian Amarna Letters
The suggestion that the sign group read by Knudtzon amelut mi-lim should be re-read amelui mi-si and that these people be e(luated to Egyptian ms', "army, troops," is not new; Ebeling, in theExpand
Working with no data
The Principal Parts of G Verbs