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Cautionary Note about R 2
Abstract The coefficient of determination (R 2) is perhaps the single most extensively used measure of goodness of fit for regression models. It is also widely misused. The primary source of theExpand
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Entropy and Correlation: Some Comments
  • T. O. Kvålseth
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and…
  • 1 May 1987
For measuring the degree of association or correlation between two nominal variables, a measure based on informational entropy is presented as being preferable to that proposed recently by Horibe. Expand
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Note on Cohen's Kappa
Cohen's Kappa is a measure of the over-all agreement between two raters classifying items into a given set of categories. This communication describes a simple computational method of determining theExpand
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An alternative to Fitts’ law
A new power law of movement time for motor control tasks is proposed as an alternative to the classical Fitts’ law. A reanalysis of Fitts’ original data indicates that this power law may provideExpand
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Note on biological diversity, evenness, and homogeneity measures
This paper is concerned with measurement of diversity of a biological or ecological sample of individuals belonging to various species.Using the cocept of statistical odds, an alternative diversityExpand
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Statistical models of the demand for emergency medical services in an urban area.
First- and second-order statistical regression models are presented for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) demand in an urban area as it relates to various socioeconomic, demographic, and otherExpand
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Coefficients of Variation for Nominal and Ordinal Categorical Data
Various measures of variation for categorical data which have been introduced suffer from the limitation that their numerical values generally appear to be unreasonable. This may cause their use toExpand
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Some informational properties of the lognormal distribution
  • T. O. Kvålseth
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 1 November 1982
The marginal, joint, and conditional entropy and the trans-information are derived for random variables with lognormal probability distributions, revealing some interesting deviations from its sister distribution, the normal. Expand
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Variation for Categorical Variables
  • T. O. Kvålseth
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science
  • 2011
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This experimental study, which was partly a replication of two previous studies in Canada and the United States, had a group of Norwegian students judge the seriousness of a set of offenses based onExpand
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