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Time-Course Comparative Metabolite Profiling under Osmotic Stress in Tolerant and Sensitive Tibetan Hulless Barley
A total of 22 diverse compounds were constantly and exclusively regulated in XL, representing novel stress tolerance biomarkers which may help improving stress tolerance, especially drought, in hulless barley.
Comparative Transcriptome Analysis Revealed Genes Commonly Responsive to Varied Nitrate Stress in Leaves of Tibetan Hulless Barley
Comprehensive comparison analysis suggested that Tibetan hulless barley could respond to varied N stress by regulating multiple common biological processes and pathways such as nitrogen metabolism, carbon metabolism, and photosynthesis.
Metabolite profiling in two contrasting Tibetan hulless barley cultivars revealed the core salt-responsive metabolome and key salt-tolerance biomarkers
The study indicated that the salt tolerant hulless barley cultivar invokes a tolerance strategy which is conserved in other plant species, and provides for the first time some extensive metabolic data and some important salt-tolerance biomarkers which may assist in efforts to improve hullesses barley tolerance to salinity stress.
Transcriptome analysis revealed the drought-responsive genes in Tibetan hulless barley
Findings indicate that the responses of hulless barley to drought stress shows differences in the pathways and genes activated, which might be profitable for future drought tolerance improvement in barley and other crops.
An improved high-quality genome assembly and annotation of Tibetan hulless barley
An improved high-quality assembly and annotation of the Tibetan hulless barley genome using more than 67X PacBio long-reads is reported, showing high gene completeness and high collinearity of genome synteny with the previously reported barley genome.
Memristor bridge-based low pass filter for image processing
This paper highlights the memristor bridge-based lowpass filter (LPF) and improved image processing algorithms along with a novel adaptive Gaussian filter for denoising image and a new Gaussian
Variation in denitrifying bacterial communities along a primary succession in the Hailuogou Glacier retreat area, China
The structural succession and its driving factors for denitrifying bacterial communities during the four successional stages (0, 20, 40, and 60 years) of the Hailuogou Glacier are investigated to explore the density of the nitrogen cycling microbial communities.
Chaotic Circuit based on Memristive Elements
A novel memristive elements-based chaotic circuit only containing three elements of memristor, memcapacitor and meminductor is highlighted in this paper. The state equations of the memristive circuit