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Calcium-sulfate rich water in landslide area of Tateyama Caldera, northern central Japan
volcanic rocks is responsible for the high calcium and sulfate concentration. The δ 34 S values of dissolved sulfate in the surface waters support this view. Intense rock weathering at the head areasExpand
Role of geological structure in the occurrence of earthquake-induced landslides, the case of the 2007 Mid-Niigata Offshore Earthquake, Japan
Abstract The landslides induced by the Mid-Niigata Offshore earthquake in 2007 (M JMA 6.8) occurred mostly along the shore of the Japan Sea. This study focused on the landslides that occurred nearExpand
A GIS-based landslide hazard assessment by multivariate analysis
The occurrence of landslides generally depends on complex interactions among a large number of partially interrelated factors. It is appropriate to use multivariate analysis for predicting landslidesExpand
Iron oxide precipitate in seepage of groundwater from a landslide slip zone
Orange precipitate was collected at the mouth of groundwater drainage tubes from the Kumanashi Landslide slip zone in Toyama prefecture, Northwest Japan. Data from XRF, X-ray diffraction, andExpand
Large-scale landslides in Toyama Prefecture, central Japan, and their probable relationship with earthquakes
Large-scale landslides along the Kubusu and Besso rivers in Toyama Prefecture are developed in the Miocene Iwaine Formation, which is composed of andesitic lava, tuff, and tuff breccia. In the middleExpand
Relationship Between Geological Structure and Landslides Triggered by the 2007 Mid-Niigata Offshore Earthquake
Compared with the case of the 2004 Mid-Niigata Earthquake, by which so many large and middle-scale landslides were triggered, only a few middle-scale ones occurred with many small-scale ones by theExpand
Mechanical Properties of Landslide-Mother-Rocks in Niigata Prefecture (II)
This paper follows paper (I) with the same title and discusses the mechanical properties identified by the in-situ rock tests, then gives a conclusion based on both papers.The conclusion is asExpand
On the Characteristics of the Soil in the Areas of Niigata Prefecture Where There Are Frequent Landslides
The present authors gathered the data from various tests made on the landsliding soils in Niigata Prefecture and investigated the characteristics of the soils. According to the statistical analysis,Expand