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Isabelle/HOL: A Proof Assistant for Higher-Order Logic
Elementary Techniques.- 1. The Basics.- 2. Functional Programming in HOL.- 3. More Functional Programming.- 4. Presenting Theories.- Logic and Sets.- 5. The Rules of the Game.- 6. Sets, Functions,Expand
Term rewriting and all that
This chapter discusses abstract reduction systems, universal algebra, and Grobner bases and Buchberger's algorithm, and a bluffer's guide to ML Bibliography Index. Expand
Isabelle: A Generic Theorem Prover
Foundations.- Getting started with Isabelle.- Advanced methods.- Basic use of Isabelle.- Proof management: The subgoal module.- Tactics.- Tacticals.- Theorems and forward proof.- Theories, terms andExpand
This isabelle hol a proof assistant for higher order logic, it will really give you the good idea to be successful. Expand
Higher-order critical pairs
  • T. Nipkow
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • [] Proceedings Sixth Annual IEEE Symposium on…
  • 15 July 1991
The notion of critical pair is generalized to higher-order rewrite systems, and the analog of the critical pair lemma is proved. Expand
Nitpick: A Counterexample Generator for Higher-Order Logic Based on a Relational Model Finder
Nitpick is a counterexample generator for Isabelle/HOL that builds on Kodkod, a SAT-based first-order relational model finder. Nitpick supports unbounded quantification, (co)inductive predicates andExpand
Higher-Order Rewrite Systems and Their Confluence
  • R. Mayr, T. Nipkow
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Theor. Comput. Sci.
  • 10 February 1998
Higher-order rewrite systems (HRSs) which extend term rewriting to λ-terms are studied and it is shown that rewriting with HRSs is closely related to undirected equational reasoning. Expand
The Isabelle Framework
Isabelle, which is available from http://isabelle.in.tum.de , is a generic framework for interactive theorem proving. The Isabelle/Puremeta-logic allows the formalization of the syntax and inferenceExpand
A machine-checked model for a Java-like language, virtual machine, and compiler
BV Annotate Auxiliary