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Algebraic models for higher categories
Abstract We introduce the notion of algebraic fibrant objects in a general model category and establish a (combinatorial) model category structure on algebraic fibrant objects. Based on thisExpand
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We recall and partially expand four versions of smooth, non-abelian gerbes: Cech cocycles, classifying maps, bundle gerbes, and principal 2-bundles. We prove that all these four versions areExpand
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Differential cohomology theories as sheaves of spectra
We show that every sheaf on the site of smooth manifolds with values in a stable $$(\infty ,1)$$(∞,1)-category (like spectra or chain complexes) gives rise to a “differential cohomology diagram” andExpand
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Treatment of coronary heart disease with diet and exercise--problems of compliance.
The effects of low fat diet and intensive physical exercise were examined in a randomized prospective study in patients with angiographically documented coronary heart disease. In addition toExpand
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[The effect of lipid level lowering diets on bile lipids and plasma lipoproteins in normal persons].
The effects of two fat-modified diets, one rich in polyunsaturated and the other in oleic acids, were studied in 10 healthy young males with regard to bile lipid composition, plasma lipids andExpand
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Higher Categorical Structures in Geometry - General Theory and Applications to Quantum Field Theory
In dieser Arbeit untersuchen wir mathematische Strukturen die in der Quantenfeldtheorie eine Rolle spielen. Insbesondere konzentrieren wir uns dabei auf die Beschreibung von Hintergrundsdaten furExpand
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Process for the recovery or disposal to landfill ammonia or ammonium compounds from dust mixtures.
IT'S RECOVERY OR EVACUATION ammonium compounds or ammonium powder mixtures produced during combustion processes, the subsequent gas cooling and / or gas purification. DUST, which occur, are mixedExpand
On the Blumberg–Mandell Künneth theorem for $$\mathrm {TP}$$TP
We give a new proof of the recent Künneth theorem for periodic topological cyclic homology of smooth and proper dg categories over perfect fields of characteristic $$p>0$$p>0 due to Blumberg andExpand
Spectral Sequences
These are notes for a course taught at the University of Bonn in Summer 2017.