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β-Lactoglobulin and WPI aggregates: Formation, structure and applications
The literature is reviewed on the formation and the structure of β-lactoglobulin and whey protein isolate (WPI) aggregates in aqueous solution induced by heating. The focus is on the effects of theExpand
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Static and Dynamic Scattering of β-Lactoglobulin Aggregates Formed after Heat-Induced Denaturation at pH 2
The structure and internal dynamics of β-lactoglobulin aggregates formed after heat-induced denaturation at pH 2 and different ionic strengths were investigated using light, neutron, and X-rayExpand
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Revised state diagram of Laponite dispersions.
We propose a state diagram of charged disk-like mineral particle (Laponite) dispersions as a function of the Laponite concentration (C) and the concentration of added salt (C(s)), based on simpleExpand
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Controlled food protein aggregation for new functionality
Abstract Globular proteins are an important component of many food products. Heat-induced aggregation of globular proteins gives them new properties that can be useful in food products. In order toExpand
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Characterisation of sodium caseinate as a function of ionic strength, pH and temperature using static and dynamic light scattering
Abstract Extensive static and dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurements were done on sodium caseinate solutions as a function of the ionic strength (3–500 mM NaCl), pH (5–8) and temperature (10–70Expand
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Aggregation, gelation and phase separation of heat denatured globular proteins
β-lactoglobulin is a globular protein which aggregates after a heat-induced denaturation. It may be considered as a good model system to investigate the processes of aggregation, gelation and phaseExpand
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Light scattering study of heat-denatured globular protein aggregates.
The structure of aggregates formed by the globular protein beta-lactoglobulin (beta-lg) after heat induced denaturation was studied using light scattering and size exclusion chromatography. TheExpand
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Calcium and acid induced gelation of (amidated) low methoxyl pectin
A systematic study is made of the gelation of low methoxyl pectin (LMP) and partially amidated low methoxyl pectin (ALMP) as a function of pH and Ca2+ concentration. Sol–gel state diagrams areExpand
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The effect of temperature and ionic strength on the dimerisation of β-lactoglobulin
Abstract Bovine β-lactoglobulin is a globular whey protein that associates partly and reversibly in dimers in the native state. Static and dynamic light scattering techniques have been used toExpand
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Structure and dynamical mechanical properties of suspensions of sodium caseinate.
Sodium caseinate is derived from casein which is the major milk protein and forms small star-like aggregates in aqueous solution. The dynamic mechanical properties of dense sodium caseinateExpand
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