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Scientific discovery, logic, and rationality
This essay discusses the character of Scientific Change, Productive Reasoning and the Structure of Scientific Research, and Structural Explanations in Social Science. Expand
Introductory Essay: Scientific Discovery and the Future of Philosophy of Science
My topics will include the discovery/justification ‘dichotomy’ and its recent abandonment in favor of a three-fold distinction; the degree to which contemporary discussion has advanced beyond the bold and stimulating challenge of N. R. Hanson; reasons why, after more than a century, scientific discovery itself is once again widely perceived to be a philosophically important topic. Expand
What is a problem that we may solve it?
Evolutionary Models of Innovation and the Meno Problem
Abstract: ‘Universal Darwinism’ is an innovation paradigm superior to the intelligent design and romantic paradigms. All innovation, including new knowledge, is the product of blind variation plusExpand
Twixt Method and Madness
For years I have urged that there is more to scientific method than meets the philosophical eye. Some highly touted conceptions of method — the hypothetical-deductive (H-D) method, for instance — areExpand
Aminoacyl-RNA synthesis catalyzed by an RNA
An RNA has been selected that rapidly aminoacylates its 2'(3') terminus when provided with phenylalanyl-adenosine monophosphate and this results confirm a necessary prediction of the RNA world hypothesis and represent efficient RNA reaction at a carbonyl carbon. Expand
Beyond Divorce: Current Status of the Discovery Debate
  • T. Nickles
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy of Science
  • 1 June 1985
Does the viability of the discovery program depend on showing either (1) that methods of generating new problem solutions, per se, have special probative weight (the per se thesis); or, (2) that theExpand
Scientific discovery, case studies
Understanding Scientific Discovery.- Scientific Judgment: Creativity and Discovery in Scientific Thought.- Discussion of Wartofsky's Paper.- The Rational Explanation of Historical Discoveries.-Expand