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Photobiomodulation with Near Infrared Light Helmet in a Pilot, Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial in Dementia Patients Testing Memory and Cognition.
A small pilot double blind, placebo-controlled trial assessing the effect of 28 consecutive, sixminute transcranial sessions of near infrared (NIR) stimulation using 1060-1080 nm light emitting diodes on executive functioning and EEG amplitude and connectivity measures showed changes in executive functioning. Expand
Mitochondria of mice and men: moderate magnetic fields in obesity and fatty liver.
  • T. Nichols
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Medical hypotheses
  • 1 September 2012
Insulin resistance associated with fatty liver which accompanies the metabolic syndrome or diabetes from obesity is reviewed and Accelerated liver detoxification by moderate magnetic therapy of obesogens that disrupt homeostasis of metabolism of lipids ultimately resulting in obesity is another hypothesis. Expand
Morton's foot and pyridoxal 5'-phosphate deficiency: genetically linked traits.
The connection between a deficit of PLP with a genetically linked physical foot form known as the Morton's foot is announced and supplementation with PLP, L5-MTHF, B12 and trimethylglycine should be used in those patients with hyperhomocysteinemia and/or MTHFR gene mutation. Expand
Phytobezoar formation: a new complication of cimetidine therapy.
  • T. Nichols
  • Medicine
  • Annals of internal medicine
  • 1 July 1981
Excerpt Cimetidine, a histamine 2 (H-2) receptor antagonist of acid secretion, is a popular and well-accepted treatment. Its therapeutic efficacy in gastric ulceration (1), reflux esophagitis (2), ...
"Invisible" mycosis fungoides?
α−Lipoic Acid: Biological Effects and Clinical Implications
α− Lipoic acid is unique in its ability to act as an antioxidant in fat- and watersoluble tissues in both its oxidized and reduced forms. It is readily absorbed from an oral dose. Because of itsExpand
Treatment of Neurodegeneration: Integrating Photobiomodulation and Neurofeedback in Alzheimer's Dementia and Parkinson's: A Review.
Next-generation trials with the Cognitolite for Parkinson's disease subjects will incorporate the insights regarding significant bilateral occipital hypocoherence deficits gained from the quantitative EEG analyses. Expand
Spontaneous rupture of the spleen. An unusual complication of Crohn's disease.
A case report and a brief review of spontaneous splenic rupture and colonic perforation in Crohn's disease is presented. Expand
Pseudomembranous colitis. A complication of sulfasalazine therapy in a patient with Crohn's colitis.
A case of sulfasalazine associated pseudomembranous colitis in a patient with known Crohn's colitis is presented, a newly reported complication of sulfAsalazine therapy. Expand