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Additive manufacturing (3D printing): A review of materials, methods, applications and challenges
Abstract Freedom of design, mass customisation, waste minimisation and the ability to manufacture complex structures, as well as fast prototyping, are the main benefits of additive manufacturing (AM)Expand
Blast Loading and Blast Effects on Structures - An Overview
The use of vehicle bombs to attack city centers has been a feature of campaigns by terrorist or- ganizations around the world. A bomb explosion within or immediately nearby a building can causeExpand
Wind loading on tall buildings
Simple quasi-static treatment of wind loading, which is universally applied to design of typical low to medium-rise structures, can be unacceptably conservative for design of very tall buildings. OnExpand
Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions and energy analysis of prefabricated reusable building modules
Abstract Prefabrication is one strategy considered to provide improved environmental performance for building construction. However, there is an absence of detailed scientific research or caseExpand
Transport sustainability index: Melbourne case study
Abstract Quantifying the sustainability of urban transport is important as evidenced by a growing number of studies to measure sustainability in transportation. This paper reviewed major initiativesExpand
Properties of cementitious mortar and concrete containing micro-encapsulated phase change materials
More efficient energy usage in buildings with increased thermal mass and better thermal insulation has attracted considerable attention in recent years. As one the most widely used constructionExpand
Building Information Modelling for High-rise Land Administration
In this article, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is proposed as a feasible approach for managing land and property information in high-rise buildings. Expand
High-strength rice husk ash concrete incorporating quarry dust as a partial substitute for sand
Abstract Quarry dust is a by-product from the granite crushing process in quarrying activities. This paper presents the findings from experimental work undertaken to evaluate the suitability ofExpand
Behavior of Ultrahigh-Strength Prestressed Concrete Panels Subjected to Blast Loading
This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation conducted in Woomera, South Australia in May 2004 on the blast-resistance of concrete panels made of ultrahigh-strength concreteExpand
Auxetic metamaterials and structures: a review
Materials and structures with negative Poisson's ratio exhibit a counter-intuitive behaviour. Under uniaxial compression (tension), these materials and structures contract (expand) transversely. TheExpand