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A research agenda for aging in China in the 21st century
Antioxidative activity of natural products from plants.
Pharmacological activity of sanchi ginseng (Panax notoginseng)
  • T. Ng
  • Biology, Chemistry
    The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology
  • 1 August 2006
The pharmacological activity and constituents of the sanchi ginseng Panax notoginseng have been reviewed and Protective actions against cerebral ischaemia, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, and haemostatic, antioxidant, hypolipidaemic, hepatoprotective, renoprotsective and estrogen‐like activities have been described.
Lectins: production and practical applications
  • S. Lam, T. Ng
  • Biology, Chemistry
    Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • 3 October 2010
Lectins manifest a diversity of activities including antitumor, immunomodulatory, antifungal, HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory, and anti-insect activities, which may find practical applications.
Marine Peptides: Bioactivities and Applications
This review highlights the recent research in marine peptides and the trends and prospects for the future, with special emphasis on nutraceutical and pharmaceutical development into marketed products.
Molecular basis of the redox regulation of SUMO proteases: a protective mechanism of intermolecular disulfide linkage against irreversible sulfhydryl oxidation
It is shown that H2O2 induces formation of an intermolecular disulfide linkage of human SUMO protease SENP1 via the active‐site Cys 603 and a unique residue Cys613, suggesting its protective role against irreversible sulfhydryl oxidation.