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Potential Sputtering of Clean SiO 2 by Slow Highly Charged Ions
The recently discovered phenomenon of potential sputtering, i.e., the efficient removal of neutral and ionized target particles from certain insulator surfaces due to the potential rather than theExpand
Sputter yields of insulators bombarded with hyperthermal multiply charged ions
The total sputter yield for Au, Si, GaAs, SiO2, MgO, LiF and NaCl bombarded with hyperthermal highly charged Arq+ ions (q = 1-9) has been measured. Only for alkali halides (LiF, NaCl) and to someExpand
Surface analysis of PtxNi1-x single crystals
Abstract The surface composition of Pt 10 Ni 90 (100), Pt 25 Ni 75 (111) and Pt 50 Ni 50 (110) single crystal alloys has been determined by ion scattering spectroscopy (ISS) and ultravioletExpand
Secondary ion emission from lithium fluoride under impact of slow multicharged ions
Abstract Secondary ion emission has been investigated for bombardment of polycrystalline lithium fluoride by slow multicharged Ar ions (charge state q ≤ 9, impact energy E k ≤ 500 eV). The F − ionsExpand
Surface composition of PtxNi1−x single crystal alloys
Abstract We present results of the surface composition of the topmost layer of three low index planes of Pt x Ni 1−x single crystal alloys: Pt 10 Ni 90 (100), Pt 25 Ni 75 (111) and Pt 50 N 50 (110).Expand
Results from a beam test of silicon strip sensors manufactured by Infineon Technologies AG
Abstract Most modern particle physics experiments use silicon based sensors for their tracking systems. These sensors are able to detect particles generated in high energy collisions with highExpand
Total sputter yield of LiF induced by hyperthermal ions measured by a quartz microbalance
Abstract The total sputter yield of LiF induced by singly charged hyperthermal He+, Ne+ and Ar+ ions with a kinetic energy of 5–500 eV is presented. The measurements have been performed with a highlyExpand
Defect mediated sputtering of amorphous LiF induced by low-energy ion bombardment
Abstract Sputter yields of amorphous LiF caused by low-energy Ar+, Ar2+, and K+ impact have been computed using the binary collision simulation code Marlowe in conjunction with a simple,Expand
Desorption from LiF(100) by Singly- and Doubly-Charged Hyperthermal He Ions
Sputtering of a LiF(100) surface by singly- and doubly-charged He ions with impact energies between 10 and 500 eV has been performed. The yield of sputtered Li+ and F− ions is only slightly higherExpand