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Determination of Saturated Values of Rotating Machinery Incremental and Apparent Inductances by an Energy Perturbation Method
Energy and winding current perturbations form the basis of a method for calculation of the saturated apparent and incremental inductances of rotating machinery as functions of rotor position andExpand
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Three Dimensional Finite Element Vector Potential Formulation of Magnetic Fields in Electrical Apparatus
The three dimensional magnetic vector potential (m.v.p.) variational formulation for magnetostatic field problems, with ideal current carrying conductors is given. An appropriate functional wasExpand
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Experimental Verification and Application of the Three Dimensional Finite Element Magnetic Vector Potential Method in Electrical Apparatus
The three dimensional magnetic field surrounding an 861 turn coil as well as that surrounding and within a single phase 1.5 kvA shell type transformer were calculated using the three dimensionalExpand
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Comparison Between Features and Performance Characteristics of Fifteen HP Samarium Cobalt and Ferrite Based Brushless DC Motors Operated by Same Power Conditioner
The paper shows how the effects of saturation of the main flux path can be incorporated in the generalized equations of alternating current machines ¡n which the currents are deliberately chosen asExpand
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Magnetic Field Modeling of Permanent Magnet Type Electronically Operated Synchronous Machines Using Finite Elements
The finite element method is applied to the analysis of electronically operated permanent magnet type synchronous machines. In this class of machines, the armature MMF is a discretely forwardExpand
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Automatic Formulation of Models for Simulation of the Dynamic Performance of Electronically Commutated DC Machines
This paper presents a numerical analysis model by which one can analyze and predict the sustained steady state dynamic performance of electronically commutated dc machines of the stationary andExpand
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ANTIC85: a general purpose finite element package for computer aided design and analysis of electromagnetic devices
A description is given of ANTIC85, a powerful and user-friendly finite-element-based magnetic field analysis package for solenoid actuators for automotive applications. Expand
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Transient finite element modeling of solenoid actuators: the coupled power electronics, mechanical, and magnetic field problem
A transient 2-D finite element model for fast-acting pulse-width-modulated (PWM) solenoid actuators is presented. The unique feature of this model is that it couples the electrical, mechanical, andExpand
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An Evaluation of the Methods of Finite Elements and Finite Differences in the Solution of Nonlinear Electromagnetic Fields in Electrical Machines
In this paper, an evaluation of the methods of finite elements and finite differences, as applied to nonlinear magnetic field problems in electrical machines, is presented. The evaluation covers theExpand
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Saturated Transformer Inductances Determined By Energy Perturbation Techniques
The effect of perturbation of currents of multi-winding transformers, on the stored magnetic energy in the magnetic field associated with these apparatus is used to calculate the saturatedExpand
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