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Physician empathy: definition, components, measurement, and relationship to gender and specialty.
OBJECTIVE There is a dearth of empirical research on physician empathy despite its mediating role in patient-physician relationships and clinical outcomes. This study was designed to investigate theExpand
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The Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy: Development and Preliminary Psychometric Data
The present study was designed to develop a brief instrument to measure empathy in health care providers in patient care situations. Three groups participated in the study: Group 1 consisted of 55Expand
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The next GME accreditation system--rationale and benefits.
The American Council of Graduate Medical Education is moving from accrediting residency programs every 5 years to a new system for the annual evaluation of trends in measures of performance.
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Empathy in medical students as related to academic performance, clinical competence and gender
Context  Empathy is a major component of a satisfactory doctor–patient relationship and the cultivation of empathy is a learning objective proposed by the Association of American Medical CollegesExpand
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An empirical study of decline in empathy in medical school
Context  It has been reported that medical students become more cynical as they progress through medical school. This can lead to a decline in empathy. Empirical research to address this issue isExpand
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Comparisons of American, Israeli, Italian and Mexican physicians and nurses on the total and factor scores of the Jefferson scale of attitudes toward physician-nurse collaborative relationships.
This cross-cultural study was designed to compare the attitudes of physicians and nurses toward physician-nurse collaboration in the United States, Israel, Italy and Mexico. Total participants wereExpand
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Empathy in medical students as related to specialty interest, personality, and perceptions of mother and father
Abstract This study was designed to examine relationships between empathy, specialty interest, personality and perceptions of mother and father. Participants were 422 first-year medical students whoExpand
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Attitudes toward physician-nurse collaboration: a cross-cultural study of male and female physicians and nurses in the United States and Mexico.
BACKGROUND Inter-professional collaboration between physicians and nurses, within and between cultures, can help contain cost and insure better patient outcomes. Attitude toward such collaboration isExpand
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The new recommendations on duty hours from the ACGME Task Force.
A task force of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has proposed modifications in the current requirements for medical residency training programs, including in theExpand
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Empathy Scores in Medical School and Ratings of Empathic Behavior in Residency Training 3 Years Later
The authors designed the present study to examine the association between individuals' scores on the Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy (JSPE; M. Hojat, J. S. Gonnella, S. Mangione, T. J. Nasca, &Expand
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