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Book Reviews : SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY IN POSTWAR JAPAN. Shigeru Nakayama. London, Kegan Paul International, 1991. 259pp. £45 pounds (cloth)
origins of a &dquo;unique’ cultural beat to which the Japanese supposedly march. This book makes another significant dent in the Japan-as-economic’miracte,’ culturalist literature, and the author’sExpand
National and Regional Security
Joining the Global Public: Word, Image, and City in Early Chinese Newspapers, 1870–1910 . Edited by Rudolf G. Wagner. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2007. xi, 249 pp. $80.00 (cloth);
nating descriptions that open the volume, are drawn from newspapers (Shenbao, Xinbao, North China Herald) and pictorials (Dianshizhai Pictorial). These sources, new in the second half of theExpand
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Coming to Terms with Asia in Discourses of Asia-Pacific Regional Security
Over the last decade there has been a proliferation of discourses on Asia-Pacific regional security. An analysis of the predominant discourses of regional security suggests that a new orthodoxy isExpand
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The politics of rights and identity in Japan
Abstract This article attempts to analyze Japan's position on human rights issues in the Asia‐Pacific region by moving beyond the conventional framework of universal versus particular values. AspectsExpand
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