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A New Class of Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor
Abstract: Low dosage hydrate inhibitors (LDHI) offer a recently developed hydrate control technology that can be more cost‐effective than traditional practices, such as the use of thermodynamic
Effect of Argon Ion Sputtering of Surface on Hydrogen Permeation through Vanadium
In order to measure the hydrogen permeation rate through V with atomically cleaned surface, an Ar ion sputtering apparatus has been installed in the hydrogen permeability measuring system. The
The application of an advanced ion exchange process to reprocessing spent nuclear fuels, (I). Separation behavior of fission products from uranium
In order to develop an advanced ion exchange process for the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuels, a novel anion exchanger, AR-01 with the resin embedded in porous silica beads and benzimidazoles as
Surface effects in simultaneous ion- and gas-driven hydrogen isotope permeation of nickel.
Recombination coefficient kR for hydrogen on Ni was evaluated experimentally by measuring the permeation rate of ion-driven deuterium in the temperature range of 573–873 K, with impurities on the