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Piezoelectric Characteristics of Polymer Film Oriented under a Strong Magnetic Field
The possibility has been indicated that polymers with helical chirality, such as poly-γ-benzyl-L-glutamate (PBLG) and poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), exhibit a large shear piezoelectric constant. ToExpand
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Piezoelectric characteristics of three-dimensional solid object of poly(l-lactide) fabricated by three-dimensional printing
Through three-dimensional (3D) printing, we attempted to fabricate 3D solid objects with piezoelectricity. By optimizing the conditions of 3D printing, we realized the fabrication of a piezoelectricExpand
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Development of electric wire using biodegradable polymer
We developed an interesting instrument in manufacturing a biodegradable polymer-insulated cable, with a variety of new functions. By using this instrument, we manufactured a poly-l-lactic acidExpand
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Long-term reliability testing of 500 kV DC PPLP-insulated oil-filled cable and accessories
This paper describes the results of a long-term reliability test of a newly developed 500 kV DC oil-filled cable and accessories that transmit up to 2800 MW. This is the largest capacity ever usedExpand
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Electrical properties of biodegradable polylactic acid film
Recently, much importance has been attached to the problem of environmental pollution by industrial waste products. Recently, biodegradable polymers have attracted interest in that they open the wayExpand
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Improvement of Piezoelectricity of Poly(L-lactide) Film by Using Acrylic Symmetric Block Copolymer as Additive
By using additives to change the higher-order structure of a poly(L-lactide) (PLLA) film, an improvement in its piezoelectricity was realized. The additive used was a triblock copolymer, which is aExpand
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Basic Studies of Applications of Biodegradable Polymer PLLA to Insulation of Electric Wires
We developed equipment for manufacturing a biodegradable-polymer-insulated cable with various functional properties. Using this equipment, we manufactured a poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA)-insulatedExpand
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Piezoelectric Characteristics of Chiral Polymer Composite Films Obtained under Strong Magnetic Field
It is difficult to obtain a drawn chiral polymer/inorganic material composite membrane with shear piezoelectricity by the conventional method because the chiral polymer/inorganic material compositeExpand
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Piezoelectricity of fluorine-system porous electret and its application
We developed a piezoelectric polymer film that was an electret using a porous poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (p-PTFE) film with high piezoelectricity and high heat resistance. First, we found that theExpand
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