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Endoscopic papillary dilation by balloon and isosorbide dinitrate drip infusion for removing bile duct stone.
EPD combined with medical sphincter dilation was effective for large and multiple bile duct stones in 35 patients and two patients developed mild pancreatitis.
[Clinical reevaluation of continuous intravenous infusion of 5-fluorouracil--plasma concentrations and clinical dose by continuous intravenous and 60-min infusions].
It was concluded from above results that the following practical dose schedules would be recommendable: 60 mg/kg for 24hr/week by IVP for inpatients and 20 mg/ kg for 60 min/ week by IVG for outpatients.
[A case of multiple liver abscess treated by drainage under the guidance of ultrasound and chemotherapy].
糖尿病に合併し,肝両葉にわたる十数個の大小膿瘍を認めた71才,女性に対し,抗生物質の多薬併用および,超音波映像下に,大きな病巣にはドレーンの留置,小病巣には, PTC針による穿刺ドレナージ・抗生物質の注入を1日ごとに,ほとんど全ての病巣に行い寛治せしめた.術中術後の合併症もなく,超音波映像下ドレナ一ジは,多発性肝膿瘍の内科的治療として,安全かつ有効な方法と思われた.
[Phase II study of 590-S (1-phthalidyl-5-fluorouracil) in patients with gastrointestinal cancer. Tokyo Cancer Chemotherapy Cooperative Group].
590-S is a new masked compound of 5-fluorouracil, the antimetabolic antitumor agent of the fluorinated pyrimidine group. The safe dose for the phase II study was determined during the phase I study