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Studies on the Synthesis of Sesquiterpene Lactones, 16. The Syntheses of 11β,13-Dihydrokauniolide, Estafiatin, Isodehydrocostuslactone, 2-Oxodesoxyligustrin, Arborescin, 1,10-Epiarborescin,
A total of eleven naturally occurring guaianolides, 11β,13-dihydrokau- niolide, estafiatin, isodehydrocostuslactone, 2-oxodesoxyligustrin, arborescen, 11β,13-dihydroludartin,Expand
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Presence of a tubulin pool in the resting cyst of the hypotrich ciliate, Histriculus muscorum.
Although microtubular organelles have not been observed in the resting cyst of the ciliate, Histriculus muscorum, the cyst was immunocytochemically stained with anti-tubulin antiserum, and one of itsExpand
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