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50.2: High Reliable In‐Ga‐Zn‐Oxide FET Based Electronic Global Shutter Sensors for In‐Cell Optical Touch Screens and Image Sensors
A 6 inch XGA LCD touch screen with optical sensors in its pixels, using oxide semiconductor (OS) FETs has been developed. The extremely low off-state current of the OS FET facilitates the use of aExpand
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Coupling of MnZn-ferrite films onto electronic components by a novel solution process for high frequency applications
A novel approach for the preparation of “coupling-type noise suppressors” in which ferrite films are directly deposited onto the components of the printed circuit board is reported. CrystallineExpand
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Visible, UV, and VUV Absorption Spectra of C60 Thin Films Grown by the Molecular-Beam Epitaxy (MBE) Technique
On single-crystal alkali halide substrates, the C60 film shows a new band in visible wavelength region. The absorption spectrum of the C60 film has been extended to vacuum UV region, and several newExpand
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Synthesis of gold/magnetic iron oxide composite nanoparticles for biomedical applications with good dispersibility
Composite nanoparticles consisting of gold and magnetic iron oxide were synthesized in an aqueous solution system by sonochemical and radiochemical processes. Small Au nanoparticles were immobilizedExpand
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Electroluminescence from Deuterium Terminated Porous Silicon
We report the optical and electrical properties of deuterium terminated porous Si. It is found that the replacement of hydrogen with deuterium reduces the degradation not only of photoluminescenceExpand
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Permeability and electric resistivity of spin-sprayed Zn ferrite films for high-frequency device applications
Abstract By spin-spray ferrite plating, an aqueous process, we prepared Zn x Fe 3− x O 4 (0⩽ x ⩽0.97) films at 90 °C on polyimide and glass substrates, on which complex permeability ( μ = μ′ –j μ″ )Expand
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Thermal stability of a HfO2∕SiO2 interface
Using high-angle annular-dark-field scanning transmission electron microscopy, we showed how annealing at 1000°C changes the chemical composition distribution at a HfO2∕SiO2 interface. The observedExpand
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Correlation between Space Charge Behavior and Dielectric Breakdown in Cross-linked Polyethylene under dc High Electric Field
Space Charge was measured in Cross-linked Polyethylene using pulse-electroacoustic method under a high dc electric field up to the time of dielectric breakdown. Local electric field in the bulk wasExpand
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The influence of incorporated nitrogen on the thermal stability of amorphous HfO2 and Hf silicate
We investigated the thermal stability of a N-incorporated amorphous Hf silicate film in terms of Hf diffusion in the film using high-angle annular-dark-field scanning transmission electronExpand
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Control of structure and optical anisotropy in porous Si by magnetic‐field assisted anodization
The effects of an applied magnetic field during anodization on the structural and optical isotropy of luminescent porous silicon (PS) are investigated. The PS layers are prepared by anodizing p‐typeExpand
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